Polished Sodalite Towers, Medium

$ 16.00

NEW! Polished Sodalite Towers. Energy workers say that the calming and soothing energy of a Sodalite crystal can help empower you to be yourself, even if it is uncomfortable. Like many other blue stones, Sodalite has a stress-relieving effect that can guide you to a calm state of mind when you feel nervous, worried, or tense. Well take a metric ton for this year, please and thank you!
  • Each measures ~3" - ~4" tall
  • Flat base
  • Each is unique
  • Origin: India

Sodalite gets its name from the rich sodium content within the stone. It was first discovered in 1811 in Greenland, and it gained popularity as an ornamental stone in 1891 when deposits were found in Ontario, Canada.