Put Toilet Seat Down Ribbon, Worst Place Ribbons

$ 6.00

Put Toilet Seat Down, Worst Place Ribbons. Not all heroes wear capes. In the world of toilet etiquette, you are a true master. Please celebrate. In the game of life there’s first place, and then there’s worst place. Thanks for trying.

    •    2" x 7" forest green satin ribbon and cord, perfect for hanging in office or car. Remind them every day how much they're (not) loved.
    •    Gold hot-stamped graphic
    •    Blank "to:/from:" card on the reverse where you can lovingly fill in the name of the lucky recipient!
    •    Hand made in Canada

Fortunately, they've created the perfect consolation prize for those folks who can’t get it together. Bold Face's Worst Place Ribbons celebrate and honor the failures, frauds and general eff-ups among us. Plus, to ease the sting of the truth, they’ve designed them so they’re shiny, pretty and cute.

Give your friends a gentle ribbing with these golden ribbons.