Rainbow Hematite Stone Bead Mala Stretch Bracelet, Titanium Aura Coating

$ 10.00

Rainbow Hematite Bracelet. Connecting with the solar plexus, Rainbow Hematite can be used as a protective force, can grant solid grounding, and can also be used to dig yourself out of stuck in the mud scenarios.

  • 8mm beads
  • very stretchy!

"Aura" specimens are real stones which have been enhanced by something akin to modern alchemy. These man-applied fine metallic treatments are created through a technique that electrostatically bonds minerals and precious metals to the surface of real crystals, creating a magical iridescent colored layer. Some of the metal elements used in the aura process are gold, silver, platinum, magnesium and titanium. The iridescent metallic sheen of the crystal and its new properties are defined by the precious metal that is used in the vapor deposition. Energetically all of the original properties of the earth-mined crystal are still retained, and are believed to be further augmented by the newly-applied minerals and metals.