Red Quartz Crystal Electroformed Earrings, Hematoid Quartz

$ 89.00

Red Hematoid Quartz Crystal Earrings. Red quartz is also known as hematoid quartz, as it contains both the amplification properties of quartz with the balance and stability of hematite. Red quartz is collected for its unusual association with hematite, which provides its distinctive reddish color. Red quartz is similar to tangerine quartz, but its coating consists of a more finely divided, particulate hematite that produces a deeper red color.  

  • Natural hematoid quartz points average ~1" long
  • Red quartz from Morocco
  • Each is one of a kind! Handmade in-house.
  • Textured, electroformed copper at the top of the stones
  • Minimalist hook copper ear wires
  • Unbleached Kraft gift box included
Each pair of earrings is unique and one of a kind, and made by hand by metalworking artist and Well Done Goods by Cyberoptix founder, Bethany Shorb. Working between Detroit and DTLA, she sources all stone, crystal, shell, fossil and horn specimens locally, intuitively sourced in person from only the most reputable and ethical suppliers.

Electroforming results are unique to each specimen and will never be identical, even when crafted under what seems the same conditions. This nuance and variation is characteristic of the singularity of the piece and process.

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