Real Giant Morpho Mounted Butterfly: Single Blue Butterfly, 3D Floating Frame. Morpho didius

$ 69.00

Single Big Blue Butterfly in Black Frame: Morpho Didius. Morpho butterflies are one of the most well known of the butterfly families. Their often metallic blue, iridescent wings are mesmerizing. These are large butterflies, this species typically measuring about 6 inches from wing tip to wing tip. 

  • Expertly prepared and spread to museum standards.
  • Butterfly changes Colors when tilted at an angle or under light.
  • Metal hanger on back
  • See both sides of the butterfly: flip over the frame and you can view the intricacies of the insect's body!
  • Modern, minimalist black frame
  • Made in Peru

How they're sourced:

Peruvian butterflies are "farm raised" in a large plot of land to protect them from outside predators. They have an average lifespan of one week to two months depending on species, are quite common, not endangered, and live out their entire life cycle. After the butterflies naturally pass, they are gently picked up and preserved.