Smoky Quartz Cluster Specimens, Brazil

$ 65.00 $ 20.00

NEW! Smoky Quartz Cluster Specimens, Brazil. March flash sale! Each is only $20, reg $65+! Why this bonkers sale?  Because the February blues can BITE IT. Let's kick them to the curb with new sparkly things!
  • Each averages about 3"-4" long
  • Perfect for desks and anywhere you need some sparkle
  • Stone origin: Brazil
  • Un-dyed, natural formations
  • Come in store to pick, or we'll pick a good one for you!
  • Nails for scale!

Each stone is unique, so shape, clarity and size will vary - all are very similar to what you see in the photos.  Holler if you have any special requests! 

Smoky quartz is a brownish grey, translucent variety of quartz that ranges in clarity from almost complete transparency to an almost-opaque brownish-gray or black crystal. Like other quartz gems, it is a silicon dioxide crystal. The smoky color results from free silicon formed from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation.

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