Snake Vertebrae Necklace. Real, Articulated Snake Bone Bead Adjustable Choker. Choose black or natural!

$ 59.00

This choker is made from real snake vertebrae that are either natural color or have been dyed to a beautiful dark dark brown-black. The single vertebrae bone beads interlock just as the bones articulate in the serpent's body. 

  • Each is unique!
  • Handmade in Indonesia
  • Dyed black or plain
  • Ethically sourced: Only naturally expired snakes are harvested and used, or those farm raised for food. (Yes, people eat snake in other place in the world!) Most are Python.
  • Beads are approx. ~10-12mm
  • One size fits most, very adjustable
  • Sliding knot closure - all pieces are strung on heavy cotton cord with adjustable knots
  • Please note that the number of beads will vary from one choker to another according to the size of the vertebrae. Most have around 55 vertebra beads
  • The necklace is approximately 18 inches of beads and the sliding knot will make it longer. It can also be used as a hat band.

No animals are harmed for jewelry: these are bi-products from the food industry. In many Asian countries, it's typical for farm-raised Pythons to be used for leather and meat -- the bones are then upcycled decoratively so nothing goes to waste.