Stainless Steel Steak Marker Pendant Necklaces

$ 40.00

Brand Well Done Goods

Stainless steel steak marker necklace.

Make no MisSTEAK! Identify your perfect temperature human. Are you haute under the collar? Celebrating a job WELL done? Is someone you adore really a RARE catch? A lover of all things meaty and delicious? Give the gift of a meaty pendant. Modeled after the iconic steak temperature markers used to properly label your slab o'cow, these indispensable flags prevent fights between rare and well recipients. (We know rare is the only way….but you're free to choose.)

We've elevated the steak marker from it's humble plastic form with some of the best and strongest materials you can find. Each pendant is made from laser engraved, mirror-polished stainless steel and paired with a sterling silver plated ball chain. Ready for gift giving, each pendant and chain comes with a hand-screened gift box and cloth bag.

Not a carnivore? Prefer a carrot? We're cheeky like that and have markers for the raw and vegan folks too. Original pendant design made 100% by us, from the CAD and prototyping of the font, the marker shape on our very own laser cutter in Detroit down to the polishing and drilling of every tiny little hole.

Choose from 18" or 24" 925 sterling silver plated, 2mm ball chain. Lobster clasp closure.

Pendant measures 2 1/4 inches long. 3/8 inches wide.