Technics and Chill Iron-on Embroidered Patch

$ 6.00

Technics and Chill Iron-on Embroidered Patch. Getting steamy up in here! Now you can stick this quirky patch on all your own stuff: Jean jacket, vest, hat, your butt, your friend's butt...get creative!
  • Embroidered on cotton twill: Vintage style.
  • Measures about 5" x 2.75".
  • Iron-on. 60 seconds to patching heaven!
  • Ships with how-to instructions for patching newbs.

Can't be bothered to iron it yourself? Fear not, we also sell this patch pre-attached on our snapback cap! We also have a matching adult t-shirt, tank top, toddler tee, baby snapsuit, script necklace, and key tag!

Wanna come back to my place and play some records? We know 1200's are way better than the internet or television, the chill part is up to you. A Well Done Goods Original. Ships right away so you can go patch crazy.