Grand Re-Opening at 1515 Division, Friday 11/19/21

Well Done Goods Grand Reopening Party, 2021

We did it! Not only are we five years old this month, we have a whole brand-spankin’ new place to celebrate our birthday! Parties weren't a thing last year (Zoom party? Um…yeah, no.) So let's do it bigger and badder than ever!
7-9: Vincent Patricola
9-11: TYLR
11-you’re still around? Funtime Surprises!

We always said in the shop "we make everything upstairs!" but that was always a super weird, abstract disconnect because you never got to actually *see* the 4500 sq ft upstairs maker space - our production studio with all the machines, and ink and messy things was hidden on an upper floor -- unless you came up to pet the cats. Now you can truly see how the sausage is made! We even have pass-through windows so you can view the making process.
Our print production studio, jewelry workshop, warehouse, order fulfillment AND retail storefront are finally on the same ground floor, and even the dj booth is interactive and not some perch in the sky!
So come have a hang, tour the whole shebang, pick up some cool stuff that isn't stuck on some stupid boat from China because we actually make things.

Snacks and beverages, of course.
November 11, 2021 by Bethany Shorb
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