MOT Opera & Dance Fans, printed silk hand fans

$ 10.00

Dance and Opera Fans. See what we did there? While most of you would call yourselves opera or dance 'fanatics', we couldn't fit it all. Performers always like the auditorium warm (especially the dancers), so these are a MUST - especially if you're in the mezzanine!
  • Printed silk fabric, not paper - don't be afraid of water/rain/sweat!
  • Real bamboo wood ribs.
  • Carry all the time, folds up small and are dark in color as to not distract those seated next to you!
  • 7 1/4" long when closed (18.5cm)
  • Expands open 13 3/4" from tip to tip (35cm)
  • Black on black with white text or Burgundy on black with gold text
Original illustration, new from Well Done Goods.