Condemned as Dangerous & Unsafe Mug, Detroit Coffee Cup

$ 12.00

Condemned as Dangerous & Unsafe Mug. Detroit Coffee Cup, by Well Done Goods. Peep the last photo to see the original found object, an old school early 2000s City of Detroit "Danger Card" that was affixed to structures deemed uninhabitable. 

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Ceramic
  • Full color sublimation print
  • Wraparound design
  • 11oz capacity. 3.75 high; 4.75 wide; 3.25 deep
  • Made in house, by us, in Detroit

So why put it on a cup? Well, because history; its snarky af; we're rapidly losing our historic houses and commercial buildings to stadiums... but on a lighter note if you brew your coffee so strong it is downright toxic, or treat your suit-of-meat more like an amusement park or fun house rather than a temple? Whether you're a toxic hot mess or just like photographing structures that are, with a bit of a dark nod to Detroit ruin porn, this cup is for you.

About that original document: No, we didn't swipe it off a house, Well Done's designer found it in a pile of trash on the street over a decade ago.