Moonstone Poison Rings, Silver Plated. Round or oval stone

$ 24.00

You've always wanted a super secret compartment locket ring. Also commonly known as a pillbox ring, vessel ring, casket ring or stash box ring, we finally have them!

  • Silver plated brass
  • Sizes 7-9.5
  • Round or oval stone
  • Each ring opens with a tiny latch to reveal a secret compartment
  • Natural stone
  • Made in India

"Poison rings" usually have a large stone bezel set into the band of the ring. The larger the stone, the more concealed the compartment below is, and thus the dispersal of poison liquid or powder could go undetected. A small catch and hinge allowed the stone to swing open and release the deadly agent into the victim’s food or beverage.

If they didn’t hold poison, these rings commonly concealed pomanders—small capsules of fragrance to disguise the atrocious odors of streets and gutters. The cavities could also be used to hold relics, bits of bone, fragments of flesh, or even locks of hair, a kind of precursor to 19th-century mourning jewelry.

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