Belle Isle Trash Cropped T-Shirt

$ 32.00

Belle Isle Trash Cropped T-Shirt, by Well Done Goods. A for effort, right? Oscar the Grouch would be proud. Who needs those overcooked, fancypants garbage receptacles, you know the ones with the little stones covering them, and all the slogans about keeping things beautiful, blah blah blah. Just hack off an industrial bin and slap on a stencil. It's trash ffs! Reduce recycle reuse! There's something so lo-fi and heartwarmingly trashy, we just had to do homage.

  • Premium Bella+Canvas lightweight triblend jersey
  • Non-toxic waterbase printing ink
  • Choose XS-XL
  • Cute and cropped for all our trashy babes!
  • Made in house
  • Trashy!

Hand printed in the USA in our Detroit Michigan studio, located in Historic Eastern Market.