Detroit Rhythm Composer Keyhole Cropped T-Shirt, Red & Black Tie Dye

$ 32.00

Detroit Rhythm Composer Keyhole Red Tie Dye Cropped T-Shirt. We painstakingly re-drew and Detroited the iconic vintage music machine font you know and love. Whether you get the sonic history reference or just like the sunset colors, it's all good!

  • Red and black tie dye with our Detroit Rhythm printed on
  • Features two ties in the front for a fun twist tie moment
  • Runs cute and small - would be advised to size up!
  • This is a shorty crop, not a modest waist crop, dirty girl.
Hand screen printed in the USA in our Detroit Michigan studio, located in Historic Eastern Market. See all our Detroit Rhythm Gear! Original illustration, new from Well Done Goods.