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909 Drum Machine Necktie, Full Color Print

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909 Drum Machine Necktie, Full Color Print. Aceiiiiiiiid! Treat your suit to one of the freshest ties on the planet. Party like it's 1984 - time for that collar to get down. Dancing feet? See our socks with the same print. Or check out our other 909 goodies with our coffee mug, scarft-shirt, and pullover hoodie!

• Full color sublimation print
• Microfiber. Vegan safe!
• Print area: 34" from bottom point. White reverse.

Choose the best fit for you!
Standard Tie: ~3.5” wide x 58” long. (aka “regular”/wide/traditional)
Standard Extra Long Tie: ~3.75” wide x 62” long. (aka “big & tall," XL)
Narrow Tie: ~2.5” wide x 58” long. (aka modern cut/slim)
Skinny Tie: ~1.5” wide x 58” long (super retro skinny!)

Handmade in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio. Printed 100% in house!  These aren't sent out somewhere to be printed - we can make fancy pants full-color prints on ties, bow ties, pocket squares and socks, woot woot!  How fun is that!?