Facehugger Mask. Aliens Inspired, Adjustable Cloth Face Cover. Xenomorph, Face hugger mask

$ 42.00

Aliens Face Hugger Inspired Cloth Face Cover. Xenomorph, Facehugger mask. Hand Made in Detroit, USA. Fitted, Two Layer Mask. Hand Made in Detroit, USA. Quarantine vibes be like...have I been on the USCSS Nostromo for 2 months now alone with this thing trying to eat my face!!???! No problem getting people to stand 6' away with this one!

"Listen to me. If we break quarantine, we could all die." –Ellen Ripley
  • NEW: Now adjustable 1/4" elastic ear loops!!!! One size truly does fit all - if you have an itty-bitty, petite face, or an XXL melon or beard, our ear straps now have comfortable silicone adjusters to truly fit all.
  • Tight-weave poly exterior; soft bamboo viscose interior
  • Fabric hand-printed in-house in Detroit, MI. USA!
  • Choose with tail appendage or no. You gotta pay for tail, and making tail is a pain in the tail. Sorry!!!!! ;)
  • Hand sewn in Detroit, MI. USA!
  • Each is hand made one at a time. Hand sewn in-house in Detroit, USA!
  • Comfortable: Fits very closely to the face
  • Reusable and machine washable - see our care instructions

"No problem getting people to stand 6' away with this one!" This is what it really looks like, it is really finished, sewn and not a figment of Photoshop.

Get the exact fit you want. You’ll love our new soft, silicone adjusters. These tiny little silicone doo-dads just solved many, many size problems. 🎉🏆 Now the biggest and tiniest melons can coexist in peace!

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Here's the deal, we all hate wearing masks, but this one's actually really comfortable. For me to say that, means a lot - it feels nice on and isn’t annoying. The interior layer is a very soft bamboo, the same fabric we use for our scarves; the exterior is a tightly woven poly that is recommended to keep moisture away and the crud out. Yep, it's a little spendy for a single mask, but there's over 2 hours of work in each to get it just right, and it's infinitely reusable!

Important Legal Stuff: Our face covers are not medical-grade protective masks against Coronavirus. These are not sold as a medical item and we are not making any medical claims that our face covers will prevent illness or disease. The general wearing of protective face covers can help in reducing exposure to respiratory infections and allergies. This cover is not a social distancing replacement. It is to add an extra layer of protection. Even if you think you're indestructible, not everyone else is; so don't be gross and go out without a coughy filter! No warranties, either express or implied, are hereby given that the cover will prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. The cover is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should always consult a doctor or other healthcare provider.

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