Amethyst Geode Specimens, Flat Cut Base, Polished Edge, from Uruguay - SUPER SALE!

$ 59.00 $ 29.00

High Quality Cut Base Amethyst Specimens, from Uruguay. We got a LOT of these in Tucson, so we're passing our savings on to you!

  • Each averages about 2.5-3" tall
  • Slightly polished edges
  • Carved geode piece with flat base, no stand needed
  • Perfect for desks and anywhere you need some sparkle
  • Stone origin: Uruguay
  • Un-dyed, natural formations
  • Purple color
  • Come in store to pick, or we'll pick a good one for you

Each stone is unique, so shape, clarity and size will vary - all are very similar to what you see in the photos.  Holler if you have any special requests! 

According to the internet that knows all things, the Greek word amethystos may be translated as not drunken, from Greek a-, "not" + methustos, "intoxicated". Amethyst was considered to be a strong antidote against drunkenness, which is why wine goblets were often carved from it. So maybe keep these next to your wine and maybe you'll feel fewer bad feels the next morning? We can't guarantee that, but you'll sure have fun trying!

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