Satya Incense, Assorted Stick Incense Packs. 50+ Scents!

$ 3.50

Not all incenses are the same, and Satya stick incense is one of our favorites for their ethical credentials, affordability, and it all smells amazing! 

  • One 15gm pack of incense
  • Choose from over 50 styles
  • Hand-rolled, hand-coated Incense on a bamboo stick
  • Fair Trade & Green Product Certified Manufacturer 
  • Recycled paperboard packing
  • Zero-waste, biodegradable
  • Made in Bangalore, India
  • Imported directly from their UK distributor

Satya incense products are as good as they get. They also out perform other products in terms of burn time with some burning for an hour or more. In addition their scent linger time is significant with medium linger for 4+ hours and mild linger all day in some cases.