Hanging Discoball Planters, Silver Mirror Ball Planter - choose from 4 sizes!

$ 23.00

These pots add joy to every room every day; a day-party for all your plants! When the sun comes in through the window at just the right angle, watch the disco lights dance around the room. Your plants (and cats if you have them) will love them just as much as you!

  • Silver metal triple hanging chain and hook
  • Gold rim
  • Choose small, medium, large or XL!
  • Real glass mirror squares and a few extra replacements included
  • Plastic interior so you can re-home real plants
  • Removable decorative wood ring to train up climbing leaves or to use a bottom balance-mount if you'd prefer to not use as a hanging planter

Living our faux, let your plants live their best lives and pretend to take them all out to the club while still in the comfort of your own home.