Koski Ceramic Vase, by Chive

$ 9.00

Koski Ceramic Vase by Chive. 

Reminiscent of urchin and coral shapes, the Koski line was originally designed for a bunch of sushi restaurants in Tokyo. The requirement of the project was that they needed vases that their staff did not have to clean well because their staff never cleans flower vases and they were looking pretty bad. The genius designers at Chive went with the opaque ceramic so even if they were dirty inside the diners would never be able to tell! This ease-of-cleaning on a large scale is now passed on to you, in your happy home!

The Small Koski is 2" in diameter. Super tiny, super cute.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Dianthus, Freesia, Ranunculus. Also makes a perfect home for air plants.