Michigan Opera Theatre Mezzanine Milk Glass Rosette Necktie

$ 49.00

Michigan Opera Theatre Mezzanine Milk Glass Rosette Necktie. Wondering how to suit up proper for the opera? Rock this unforgettable kaleidoscopic geometric printed necktie, designed from a jaw dropping stained-glass ceiling detail from one of Detroit's premier Italian Renaissance masterpieces. 

• Vegan safe, silky-soft microfiber
• Eco-friendly, full color sublimation print
• One face of fabric is printed, solid white reverse
• MOT logo graphic on reverse tail
• Necktie print size: 35" from bottom point.
• When knotted: Yes, the design shows on the knot for most wearers
• Tie size: Choose standard or narrow

Proceeds will benefit Michigan Opera Theatre’s Education and Community Programs Departments.

Following an extensive renovation and transformation, Michigan Opera Theatre reopened the old Capitol Theatre as the DETROIT OPERA HOUSE in 1996 with a gala concert featuring Pavarotti. With the goal to restore the building to its original splendor, no cost was spared in restoring every detail that architect C. Howard Crane incorporated to sweep Detroiters off their feet, including this spectacular stained-glass ceiling. 

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Photographed by Well Done Goods' founder Bethany Shorb, in the Detroit Opera House. Designed and hand-printed in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio.