Detroit Bus Scroll Necktie with Street Name

$ 36.00

Bus Scroll Necktie with Street Name by Cyberoptix. Our transit destination illustrations are painstakingly adapted from an early 1980's bus destination scrolling sign. We have purchased original, 40 foot long vintage bus rolls, photographed, joined and made large-format transparencies and silkscreens for each route name. All processes are done right in house, in our Detroit studio located in Historic Eastern Market!

Navigate your city with "Ties to Detroit." Perfect for newcomers, ex-pats and long-time Detroiters alike.

This print extends mid-way up on the tie, approx. 15" from the bottom point; can be seen from under a vest or jacket depending on how it is tied - or concealed if you prefer. Made on black microfiber.  *Please note there is some translucency in the ivory-cream printing on black - to be faithful to the appearance of the original sign.

Styles: Woodward, Vernor, Michigan, Gratiot, Eight Mile and Belle Isle. Choose standard wide or narrow with.