Hand Sanitizer Bulk Packs, Detroit Bus Co. - Arsenal of Clean!

$ 44.99

Medical-grade hand sanitizer manufactured to World Health Organization standards right here in Detroit. Choose 2 ounce tinies in a 20pack, or 4 ounce littles in a 12 pack! Save a bunch of dough!

This is true alcohol-based hand sanitizer liquid manufactured in a clean environment to stringent standards. It includes skin emollients to protect and moisturize your hands as it cleans them.

  • 100% plant-based, vegan and all-natural.
  • 80.00 % Food-grade ethyl alcohol to kill viruses and bacteria. Definitely don’t drink this! Made in Kansas.
  • 1.45% Food-grade glycerin to make your hands soft and smooth. Made in Baltimore, MD.
  • 0.12% Hydrogen peroxide – Just like in your medicine cabinet. Made in Pittsburg, PA.
  • 18.43% Distilled water – Filtered right here. Even though Detroit has the cleanest water in the country already.