Four Food Groups Silkscreen Cloth Bistro Napkins, Set of 4

$ 32.00

Four Food Groups Bistro Napkins, Set of 4: Tacos, Cheese, Pizza, Bacon.  Suck it USDA, this is how it's done. Include each in every meal. You must.

• Set of 4 napkins: 1x tacos, 1 x cheese, 1x pizza, 1x bacon
• Sturdy, easy-care 55% cotton / 45% poly
• White with black stripe

• 4 sewn edges
• Measures approx. 23" x 17"
• Printed image is ~12" long, along one stripe 

Silkscreened cloth napkins show your snack was made with love! Paper napkins are crapola. Infinitely reusable. New from Well Done Goods. Hand screen-printed in the USA in our Detroit Michigan studio.