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Metal Mitten Reclaimed Wood Planter, Desk Organizer

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Metal Mitten Reclaimed Wood Planter, Desk Organizer.  Plants have feelings too. Make a great home for your plants! Each wood box has a zinc liner, so no messy, escaping water or rotting wood. Hooray for non-sucky succulent houses! 

Not a plant person? Brown thumb? You can't work efficiently with all that crap all over your desk.  Corral your crapola in style! Re-home that unruly pen and pencil collection.

• Michigan Metal Mitten screenprint, choose solid or outline
• Black, non-toxic, waterbased ink on natural wood
• 4" cube
• Waterproof zinc insert - safe for plants too!

Hand screen printed in the USA in our Detroit Michigan studio, located in Historic Eastern Market. You know Michigan rocks. We all use the hand for a map, now use it to say how much you rock. Throw the goat all the way from Detroit to the UP.  Original illustration, new from Well Done Goods.