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Pizza Print Cloth Bistro Napkins, Set of 4

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Pizza Print Bistro Napkin, Set of 4. Pizza. The most important food group! Make your food game strong. No matter what you're scarfling down for dinner, whether it be a pizza bagel or the finest slice from Sicily, cloth napkins show it was made with love. Treat yourself and wipe that orange grease off in style!

• Set of 4 napkins: "Pizza"
• Sturdy, easy-care 55% cotton / 45% poly
• White with black stripe

• 4 sewn edges
• Measures approx. 23" x 17"
• Printed image is ~12" long, along one stripe 

Paper napkins are crapola. These sturdy cloth guys definitely aren't! Infinitely reusable. New from Well Done Goods. Hand screen-printed in the USA in our Detroit Michigan studio.