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Haitian Metal Heart Milagros, Medium Size

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Medium Haitian Metal Heart Milagros. Haitian artisans begin with a 55 gallon steel oil drum - it is then split and flattened, with the design first sketched in chalk then perforated and cut using only a hammer, chisel and nail.

  • Hand cut and punched
  • Lacquered recycled steel
  • Each measures ~ 7" long
  • Handmade in Haiti
  • Fair Trade, ethically sourced
  • Ready to hang, hole and/or loop cut into the design

Milagros gain meaning through the wearer's intentions. Thoughts, hopes and desires attach themselves to the milagro, making it a tool for your intention to be carried in.

Flaming Heart: A healthy heart, bringing passion to your life or the love you have for another.

Speared Heart: Healing a broken heart, broken by illness or loss of love.

About Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced global treasures: Our sources ensure that the prices paid to artisans and producers are fair, competitive and realistic. We will continue to make every effort to be a conscientious business, where artisans, customers and employees feel that they are a part of a beneficial/effective circle of trade. We hope that the artisans feel that we are respectful and fair with them; that our customers feel that they are buying from a responsible retailer who is always trying to find high quality products that are out of the ordinary.